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Say Hello To The Taxi Butler

Taxi Butler is a streamlined solution designed to revolutionise the taxi booking process for your venue. Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, casino, pub, or club, the Taxi Butler device, known for its simplicity with just a booking and a cancel button, offers a seamless way for your guests to secure transportation without the hassle.


Key Advantages of the Taxi Butler

Customer Empowerment

Allows guests to book their rides independently, bypassing the need for intermediary assistance to book. This gives the customer the control and offers the ability to book as ride as it’s needed.

Minimised Miscommunications

Direct interactions through the Taxi Butler reduce errors and improve customer and staff experiences. Simply press the button, and a Take Me taxi is on it’s way.

Incredible Booking Tool

Take Me have deployed Taxi Butler for a while now, and have had a record of over 9,000 taxi bookings from a single device in a single month, all from the touch of a button.

How It Works

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