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Fleet & Farnham station, powered by Take Me

What's happening?

VGT Taxis in conjunction with the Take Me Group, have won the rights to two local railway stations, Fleet Railway Station (Hart District Council) and Farnham Railway Station (Waverley District Council. We are just sorting out the finer details of how we are going to operate both stations but if you are interested in working from either of these stations please register your interest via the buttons below. We can than update you as we progress towards a go live date. 

You must be a Hackney Carriage and you must be licensed by Hart District for Fleet station or Waverley District for Farnham Station.


I currently work the taxi ranks, what about me?

If you currently work the existing taxi ranks at Fleet Railway Station and Farnham Railway, we invite you to register interest to drive under the new operation, operated by VGT Taxis.

If I sign up can I also work for VGT Taxis?

By default, all VGT drivers will gain access to both Fleet & Farnham station taxi ranks. We are currently working out how we will work with independents and other firms who operate from these ranks. We encourage any driver that would like to work on the taxi ranks to register below and we will keep you informed.

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Station rank updates

Important updates for the VGT Rail project. 

August 17th 2022

Take Me / VGT Taxis awarded the right to both Fleet & Farnham railway taxi ranks.

August 19th 2022

Applications now open.

August 26th 2022

If your station permit has expired, you can continue to use the station ranks until the start date of the VGT contract.

The start date of the VGT contract will be announced here and via email to all parties who register their interest below.

There will be options for both driving with VGT and operating as an independent. Once these options are finalised, they will also be announced to all parties who register

September 16th 2022

The start date for Farnham Railway Station will be the 1st October 2022.
All drivers who have registered an interest on the website have been emailed with details.
If you havent registered your interest yet, please do so via the buttons below and we can send out the information pack to you.
Fleet Railway station is still in the planning phase and drivers who have registered an interest will be emailed once more details are avaiable.

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Fleet Station

Hart District Council Hackney Drivers

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Farnham Station

Waverley District Council Hackney Drivers

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Speak to VGT to find out more

Our team are available around the clock to deal with any queries you may have.

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