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A1 Ace joins the Take Me group

David Hunter, CEO of Take Me [Group] Ltd is delighted to announce to the industry that A1 ACE TAXIS of Taunton and Bridgewater have joined the likes of ADT Taxis, VGT Taxis, TC Cars, Steve’s Taxis, Tower Cabs, Taxifirst, Westside Taxis, Intercity Private hire , Star Cars and signed up to be part of our Group network.

Having signed STAR CARS of Catterick last week, it is full steam ahead for the Take Me Group, with another brilliant local taxi firm in A1 ACE TAXIS this week.

Mike Davis, Owner at A1 Ace Taxis was delighted to be joining Take Me and he told us “It has been a great experience meeting all the team from Take Me, I know that now being part of a national group but with a local focus will really help my drivers and offer our customers a better service.”

A1 Ace Transport Services Ltd is the largest Taxi firm between Bristol and Plymouth.

They also run an MOT only centre, as well as their own garage services.

The business was formed after Mike acquired A1 Taxis in May 2008, Deane Taxis in September 2008 and then merged with Ace Taxis in August 2009.

Mike told us the secret to A1 Ace Taxis success…

“As a business we have concentrated on five main areas;
– The service we provide our customers and the self-employed drivers who hire our vehicles and work the circuit.
– Embracing technology to improve our efficiency. To this end we have adopted the Cordic despatch system, which includes mobile apps for customers as well as enhanced scheduling of vehicles.
– Removing unnecessary costs and risks in the business.
– Increasing the investment in the business.
– Creating a working environment that allows our team to be happy, with sufficient flexibility that meets their needs.”

A1 Ace currently have over 70 vehicles in the fleet to now add to the expanding network around the UK of Take Me Group.

David Hunter said “2022 is shaping up to be a great year, we have already added Station Taxis from Malton, Star Cars from Catterick so to add A1 Ace Taxis in the Taunton and Bridgewater areas helps us cement our expansion plans. This is how as a Group we get better with every single new company that joins us. Each brings its own unique skills, and together we become stronger. Keep your eyes peeled for what may happen in April!”

John Gardner, as ever has been instrumental in working closely with Mike and his team at A1 Ace Taxis to help explain everything that Take Me [Group] can offer to his business, and Mike told us “John and David both come from the taxi industry. They are all “Taxi People” and understood exactly what sort of problems and solutions we need. It will be good for my business, my drivers, and staff to now be part of Take Me”

Mike explains WHY he joined Take Me here in this VIDEO

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